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Producent stoisk targowych

Construction, assembly an equipment of the trade fair stands

Trade Fair Stands Producer - MC TEAM

Construction, assembly and equipment of the trade fair stands

MC Team Sp. z o.o. company has years of experience as trade fair producer in country and abroad. Concering this wa are able to provide services on the highest qualit level, starting from architectural design up to constructing and equiping the stand. We are able to fit to all client's needs, starting from small system stand up to a huge stand constructed on individual order.

From the first contact with the client, we are trying to prepare a consistent vision of the stand and we alco can offer help in technical and substantive issues.

Expect the trade fair activity we also provide outlying services, like rental of poster walls, production of roll-up baners or custom furniture, including POS displays.

The range of services provided by MC TEAM includes:

  • execution of stand construction designed, together with required designs of electrical connections and others
  • preparation and execution of graphics for the stand (including large format and spatial graphics)
  • execution of electrical, water and other connections
  • assembly and disassembly of the stands
  • equiping of the stand

Comprehensively for our clients on the trade fair we organize:

  • rental of the exhibition surface
  • design and stand construction
  • entry to the trade fair catalogue
  • organization of the arrival and accomodation
  • help in filling the request for funding of the trade fair participation
  • help in organization of transportation of exhibits from the stand



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