Individual construction - exhibition stands

Exhibition stand in individual construction.

Stands in individual construction are characterized by an unusual design, execution mainly with wooden elements, prepared individually based on the needs of the design.

Thanks to the free diversity of shapes and configurations of the stand itself, we may use materials of diffrent kins, colors or lighting elements, like LED, which together create an unforgettable impression.


  • stoiska-wystawiennicze0001
  • stoiska-wystawiennicze0002
  • stoiska-wystawiennicze0003
  • stoiska-wystawiennicze0004
  • stoiska-wystawiennicze0005
  • stoiska-wystawiennicze0006
  • stoiska-wystawiennicze0007
  • stoiska-wystawiennicze0008
  • stoiska-wystawiennicze0009
  • stoiska-wystawiennicze0010
  • stoiska-wystawiennicze0011
  • stoiska-wystawiennicze0012
  • stoiska-wystawiennicze0013
  • stoiska-wystawiennicze0014
  • stoiska-wystawiennicze0015



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